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Are YOU a Music Slave ?

Many claim they are, but few are worthy. Use this fun list to find out!

You are a Music Slave IF ...

Someone yells for jukebox money and you whip out a handful of cash.

You know that tom-tom is a drum, not a character in a tv show or movie.

When you hear long necks, you think guitars before thinking beer.

When you hear jam, you first think of musicians playing for fun, not food.

You constantly have tunes running through your head.

You've seen every viral music video.

You think practicing is fun, not a means to an end.

You provide a place to practice!

Your tattoos are about music.

You are the loudest person applauding for performing musicians.

You go to Battle of the Bands and complain that you want more bands.

You argue over who is the best of all time: guitarist, drummer, band, etc.

At any time you can whip out a smart phone or tablet to play your favorite songs.

You are a button pusher, constantly changing music stations to keep hearing songs you like.

You quote song titles and song lyrics when making a point or explaining a philosophy... You can't always get what you want, I love it, I don't care, etc.

You vote by text or online every day for weeks, for your favorite music artists in national contests and on national tv shows.

You vote for your favorite local music artist in every contest they've entered, or will.

You really truly like karaoke.

Your wardrobe consists of t-shirts, hats and hoodies of music artists.

You have ticket stubs to every concert you ever attended.

A stranger suggests you should buy a round of drinks for the band - and you do.

You can tell the DJ what to play – and it gets played.

You bug everyone to turn up the radio! when tuned to a music station.

You find yourself finger tappin', foot tappin' and head bobbin' to beat of music.

You like to hang out at music stores.

You arrive early at local bars long before the band starts, to get best seats.

You own so much music that you can't remember what is in your collection.

You own an incredible amount of music and DO know everything in your collection.

Dead Air between songs makes you antsy and uncomfortable.

You watch sports on tv with the tv volume off and background music turned up.

In music trivia games, you get top scores. Then challenge others.

You can accurately rattle off a list of headliners upcoming concert dates.

You pre-order upcoming album releases.

Earbuds are a necessity, not an optional accessory.

While reading this, you screamed I know those people!

Or you screamed... Hey, that sounds like me!

More You Are A Music Slave If... will be added. Stay Tuned.

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