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Record Labels in Michigan

Music Record Labels are listed on this one page, are in no particular order, all linked to their websites so you get full info. Many can help with music promotion, production, distribution, managing, booking shows. To contact, see credentials, clients, prestige factors, affiliations, etc., visit their websites.

These are not individual artists personal labels. Listed here are those that promote multiple artists and might be able to help you.

If you're looking to just record your music, go to → Recording Studios

click their names, facebook, and other links to visit their sites.

Original 1265 Recordings – new record label in Detroit founded by Kevin Nixon and Sarah Clayman, and distributed by Caroline Records (part of Capitol/Universal Music). It is located in the Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) building, 1265 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226. They hope to create a global pipeline for Motor City artists. “This label is for students of DIME DETROIT, DIME ONLINE and local Detroit bands.” Kevin Nixon and Sarah Clayman also founded DIME.

Mack Avenue Records – Idependent jazz label based in Grosse Pointe/Detroit. Also crossover pop/jazz. A major sponsor of the annual Detroit Jazz Festival.

Third Man Records – Jack Wite's record label. Headquarters in Nashville, has a Detroit location.

Detroit Music Factory – bringing Detroit Jazz to a world of new fans. A division of Mack Avenue Records.

B.O.M.B.Z. Musik (Bombz Musik) – based in Mount Clemens, MI. Electronic Dance Music with a twist.

D-Tox Entertainment – Independent Detroit owned and operated record co/label that has major distribution with Koch/E1 Ent./Oarfin and digitally, with ITunes, Napster, Rhapsody, HMV (Euro, Aus, Japan), Tesco (Euro, Aus, Japan), EMusic, and Amazon (including Best Buy, FYE, and other major retailers). We offer Hip Hop, Jazz, and R&B. Soon to come will be Techno, Commercial, and Rock. We focus on making our Artists nationally and globally recognized.

Third Monk Records – in Ann Arbor, MI. Independent record label. “Jeff at Third Monk can help realize and solidify the impact of what an artist or band has the ability to do and can provide direction with regard to songwriting, production, engineering and mixing as well as coordinate music projects for signed or unsigned artists. Outside of the studio domain, Third Monk Records can provide what can be deemed as 'record label services' for artists looking to grow in their region.”

No Cover Productions – “We are an independent record label from the Metro Detroit area specializing in all styles of Blues. Our goal is to bring Detroit Blues to the world!”  facebook

3000 Records – Independent Record Company that offers Free Music to Fans, Music & Radio Promotion for Musicians and Bands, plus cool opportunities for other Music Promoters. based in Utica, MI.

Funky D Records – local independent record label in Detroit, Tino Gross producer.  facebook

Motorcity Special – The Motor City's vinyl only record label. Authentic recordings pressed on 7" and 12" vinyl available at shows and record stores only. Genres include Rock, Pop, Metal, Americana, Rockabilly and Funk.  facebook

Broken Records – based in Flushing, MI. Artists include After the Ashes, Crop Circle, Letters for Thursday and more. Music is a Passion, Our Passion is Music!

Matchbox Records – Broken Records sister label, located just outside of Flint. Indie artists and music. It's all original

Galactic Dust – in Detroit. “We are looking for artists who are willing to work hard for themselves but also to benefit the music community as a whole. galactic dust will start small and build you or your band through our style of promotion and releases which include thousands of flyers, sampler CDS, marketing, college radio promotion, and semi-national distribution chains.”

Hope and Bass – “Michigan based Media Outlet and Record Label focusing on Underground Dance Music and raising awareness for Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, and other Social Causes. With each release our artists and fans get to choose which charity proceeds go to. We review music, feature artists, write about our experiences, and promote humanitarian efforts for the people who are a part of underground dance music within Michigan (specifically Detroit) and beyond.” facebook

Shady Records – Eminem's record label, rap/hip hop, Detroit / New York City.  facebook

Larc Records, LLC – new record label based in Novi, MI. “We are a full service label including photography video managing your career.”  facebook

New Fortune Records – record label based in Detroit. info on facebook

Michigan Craft Records – info on facebook.
a DIY independent record label started in 2014, based in metro Detroit, releasing vinyl, cds, and tapes for Michigan bands.

Static Records – Detroit's eclectic independent record label, promoting local music since 1990.  facebook

Drum Dancer Records – based in Ferndale/Detroit, “has established a reputation for working with quality artists with more than a shot at national recognition, is a strong proponent for the burgeoning underground songwriter/American roots scene.”

Detroit Techno Militia – “record label and a grass roots DJ/Producer collective dedicated to preserving the legacy of true Detroit electronic music and its proliferation around the world.”

Label – based in Livonia, MI. Techno / House stuff and pretty images... an exclusive music and visual arts distributor based in Metro Detroit.  facebook

Small Stone Records - based in Detroit. Michigan Rock n' Roll. You can listen to their local bands from their website, plus purchase their music.

Comiskey Productions – in Whitmore Lake, MI.
Owned and Operated by Justin Comiskey (Music Producer). Specializing in Exclusive and Non Exclusive Instrumentals for all types of genres of music. phone 734-274-1477.

Full Effect Records – Independent label based in Detroit.

No Fun Records – based in Ann Arbor, record label and online store.

ReelRecords – “We are a indie record label as well as a full service recording studio located near Detroit.”

Submerge – Detroit techno, electronic music.

FrontStreet Records (FSR) – in Fenton, northwest of Detroit. Mostly hip-hop, this label releases a lot of singles, has free downloads, and a marketing campaign including videos on YouTube channel called FrontStreet TV.

Protekted Records – in West Bloomfield, northwest of Detroit. Committed to finding new musical talent – rap, hip-hop, r&b, urban – and bringing it to everyone. phone 248-390-3143.  facebook

Ghostly International – indie label based in Ann Arbor. multiple artists.

RT Music Group (RTMG) – based in Detroit. R&B, soul, hip-hop, Detroit Sound.

Psychopathic Records – features Insane Clown Posse.

517 Entertainment – independent record label and entertainment company based in Lansing, MI. “founded in 2010 to provide talented individuals with the tools and connections to further their career without having to be signed to a major company. The company coordinates the business sales, transactions, distribution, consultations, music videos, production, recording, promotion, photo shoots, and performances at the local, national and global levels.”  facebook

Last laugh Records – “We are a Michigan based hip-hop/rap factory that is trying to bring music to the industry that is flavorful and different.”  facebook

Newgate Records – based in Detroit, independent record label.

Bellyache Records – record label selling music of The Muggs, Duende, Pewter Cub, more.

Hamtramck Recording Company (HRC) – new record label in Detroit, publishes music under two label names: Bell Hops and Bang Town.  facebook

Eastlawn Records – based in Grosse Pointe Farms.

Obscurrus Diem Productions – in Kalkaska (Northern MI). We have a record label, full recording studio, as well as offer management, booking, legal and many other musician services.

Earthwork Music – based in Big Rapids (West MI). Earthwork Music collective serves to facilitate and encourage original music in the state of Michigan and beyond.

RUI Music – “exists to support and develop new music and musicians in the Detroit area.”

Suburban Sprawl Music (SSM) – in Livonia. independent record label and musical collective.

Biddle Records – an independent label, a musician managed group based out of Nevada, best known for its unique style and promotions is part of the Biddle Group, a Nevada LLC. Biddle Records Studio is primarily focused on music production, and is dedicated to bands signed under its label. The Studio is key in the performance of Biddle Records, and has been in the Detroit area, for many years, only being acquired by the Biddle Group in 2010. Biddle Records does offer 3rd party recording, mastering, mixing, studio musicians, and coaching as time permits to non-contracted bands.

J2G Records – Independent label based in Detroit. nu-jazz, more.

Karew Records – based in Detroit, MI. gospel label featuring The Clark Sisters.

Griffith Records Inc. – in Detroit. Record Label/Concert Promotion company mostly rap, hip-hop.

Embassy Hotel Records – based in Jackson, MI.

Blank Code – Record Label in Detroit. “The collaboration of Detroit based artists / producers, focuses on event promotion, music production, artist management, and hosts a weekly podcast featuring a roster of artists from around the globe.”  facebook

Urban Jazz Contemporary Records – full service record label and production hall in Detroit. A division of CGS Entertainment Book It 4 Us.

Aretha's Records (Aretha Franklin's record label) – after doing press releases for her new record label in 2011, still no website, online info or contact info as of 1-23-2015. You might try making inquiries to Aretha's Records, c/o Thav, Gross, Steinway & Bennett, 30150 Telegraph Rd, Bingham Farms, MI 48012.

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