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About Madman Mike Your Musical Slave

Madman Mike posts info of Music, Entertainment, and Popular Events in Michigan. He does it mostly on this site and some on Facebook. Mike is based in the center of the metro Detroit area.

Mike is known as The Madman because he goes above and beyond of what is expected, and only a madman would do so much extra for free!

Being addicted to music and entertainment, he started this website in 1999 (before Google existed) to let people know about music services in Michigan. By 2018, site grew and evolved into a combined music, entertainment and event website focused on Based in Michigan with lots of Detroit area info.

Mike was a well-known Professional Mobile DJ for weddings and special events in the metro Detroit area plus other areas in the Lower Peninsula. He became a mobile DJ in 1981, also became a professional wedding dj in 1984. Though he got out of the dj business in 2017, as a hobby he might dj a non-profit event or small fun event.

“For 36 years I had the privilege being the DJ for so many good people and worthwhile causes in Michigan. Now I continue to provide you with an amazing amount of local music and entertainment information.”

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Use Mike's free In Michigan information and links to local bands musicians djs karaoke, other entertainers, music festivals events concerts, recording studios, hip hop, music services, music stores, record stores, general popular events, event services and more. Use column on the left.

Madman Mike Music Slave supports the Detroit Music Awards (DMA / DMAF).

Mike is a member of...
Detroit Blues Society (DBS)
The Eagles (Fraternal Order of Eagles, F.O.E. 2265)
The Moose (Loyal Order of Moose 1743)
plus other organizations.

Former member of National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.)
Former gold member at

Mike is involved with the annual Music Fest 4 Vets Music Festival  in metro Detroit, proceeds go to U.S. Veterans in need. Mike is a proud supporter of U.S. Veterans, Active Duty, and their families.

Mike is also proud of – and grateful to – First Responders.

Mike is an upper middle-aged heterosexual male. He's one of the good guys, never been arrested, never been sued nor sued anyone. Lived in metro Detroit area his whole life.