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About Madman Mike Your Music Slave

Madman Mike lets you know about Music, Entertainment, and General Popular Events in Michigan. Plus a bonus: also provides some relevant national music info. He is based in the center of metro Detroit area.

“For 35 years I had the privilege being the DJ for so many good people and worthwhile causes in Michigan. And I am glad to provide you with an amazing amount of information about local music and entertainment.”

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Use Mike's free In Michigan information and links to local bands musicians djs entertainers karaoke, recording studios, hip hop, music services, music events festivals concerts, music stores, record stores, popular events, event services and more. Use column on the left.

Mike was a well-known Mobile DJ for special events in the metro Detroit area plus other areas in the Lower Peninsula. Constantly playing music, he has a great appreciation of those who create music and perform it.

Mike supports the Detroit Music Awards (DMA / DMAF).

Mike is a member of...
Detroit Blues Society (DBS)
The Eagles (Fraternal Order of Eagles, F.O.E. 2265)
The Moose (Loyal Order of Moose 1743)
plus other music and civic minded orgaizations.

Former member of National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.)

Mike is involved with the Music Fest 4 Vets Music Festival  in metro Detroit, proceeds go to U.S. Veterans in need. Mike is a proud supporter of U.S. Veterans, Active Duty, and their families.

He also owns and updates → Michigan Wedding Slavin The Website (MWS)
Michigan Wedding Slavin has free-to-use lists of links to all kinds of wedding services in MI.

Mike is an upper middle-aged heterosexual male. He's one of the good guys, never been arrested, never been sued nor sued anyone. Lived in metro Detroit area his whole life. Became a mobile DJ in 1981, started this website in 1999.

2008 Detroit Special Olympics Area 26 Volunteer of The Year, award was presented to him by Martha Reeves. From late 1980's through 2016, Mike volunteered to be the DJ for Detroit Special Olympics summer games.

Mike Loves People and Music - Together At The Same Time!

In Mike's own words...

“My information and resources are freely available for everyone to use! I got sooooooo frustrated trying to use those 'strings attached' partial information websites that I started collecting information on my own. Now this expanding wealth of resources is available to you AT NO COST - NO HASSLE. No logins, no getting stuck on e-mail lists, etc.”

“People who come to my website are looking for entertainment, music or entertainer resources. There is so much clutter and hussle on the internet that one site should help getting to real information. My site does it for free and has for many years.”

“I realize the importance of each event and how hard it is to find quality information about entertainers in Michigan. There are many good entertainers available – it's just finding them. That is why I supply so much information.”

“I get immense satisfaction working at an event and helping make things happen just the way they're supposed to happen. I back up what I say and don't claim things that are not true.”

“I like most types of music and always look forward to going out and experiencing party bands, dance bands, and show bands.”