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Mike's Music Collection of Michigan Music Artists

Madman Mike's collection of cds vinyl mp3s of Michigan bands musicians singers. Rock, pop, country, blues, indie and more from Detroit and all of Michigan. Music On This Page is NOT For Sale, NOT Available For Copying.

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Mike's Music Library of Michigan Bands Musicians

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• 3LB UNIVERSE – 3LB Universe cd.

• ADRENALIN – Twenty-Five Years 1977-2002 cd with an Autograph !

• ADULT. – Anxiety Always cd [2003].

• AMINO ACIDS – Destroy The Warming Sun cd [2004] Autographed !

• ARLEN (Arlen Viecelli) – Lonely Knight cd [2006], and Holy Knight cd [2004 Christmas album].

• SHERMAN ARNOLD – Style cd Autographed !<

• ASSKICKER – The End Of Alternative cd.

• STAN BARNES – The Way You Make Me Feel cd [2009], and The Next Level cd [2010] cd, both Autographed !

• BENNY and THE JETS - A Detroit Rock and Roll Band cd.

• CHARLENE HELEN BERRY - Dulcimer Americana and Hymns of Prayer and Praise cds. both Autographed !

• BIG RIVER – Heart Of Country cd Autographed by the band, Live cd, Big River Band mp3 album.

• MONICA BLAIRE - Portraits of Me cd [2006].

• BLISS 66 - Trip To The 13TH cd.

• BLUE RHYTHM BAND - Foolish Games pre-release cd single Autographed by Dave Williams.

• BLUECAT BAND - Live @ Mona's cd [2002].

• BLUETOPIA - promo cd.

• BOOGIE CHILLENS - I Don't Know cd Autographed ! by the band.

• the BOROUGH BROTHERS - Street Noise cd Autographed !

• BRIDGE - Canyons cd.

• the BROTHERHOOD - The Single two song cd Autographed ! by the band.

• ROBERT BRUCE GROUP - Hooked Like a Fish! cd.

• BUGS BEDDOW BAND – Smokin' Live cd [2002].

• SUSAN CALLOWAY - Chasin The Sun EP cd [2009].

• CATEGORY 5 – Off The Ivory Coast cd [2009], and Demo (6 tracks) cd.

• CATZ ASS- Ride This! cd.

• CRIME CONTROL – On Track and In Toon cds.

• BEN CYLLUS - Cinnamon Matinee cd [2005].

• DA YOOPERS - For Diehards Only and One Can Short of a 6-Pack cds.

• DANNY D (DannyD) - One Sunny Day cd [2005], and DANNYD cd [2002].

• THORNETTA DAVIS - Sunday Morning Music cd.


• DEEP RIVER (featuring Kim Longworth) - Iron Ponies cd.

• The DIAMOND DUKES - The Diamond Dukes cd Autographed by the band.

• DJ ASSAULT - Belle Isle Tech enhanced dual cd.

• DOWNTOWN BROWN - Live ...and sweaty cd/dvd [2005] (2 discs combo), several Autographs.

• BERNARD EDWARDS - Bernard Edwards' Project Homicide and Sister Morphine cds.

• ENSEMBLE AL-ASDEKSE - Ensemble Al-Asdeka cd [2007].

• FREE WILL - Million Miles Loud EP cd Autographed by Paul Counelis

• The FUSIONAUTS – Floaties cd.

• FING-UH-MAAN – Can U Feel Me cd single Autographed !

• FLAMING EMBER – The Best of Flaming Ember cd.

• RON GAY – Where The Water Is Most Blue cd [1999] Autographed !

• The GLASS SUN – Cyclonic Review cd.

• GRASSLAND – Straight Off The Turnbuckle cd [2011].

• HILLBILLYS IN A HAUNTED HOUSE – Greatest Hits cd [2005].

• HOOKER [Levi Rose & The Hookerman] – Confessions, Lies & Fairytales cd Autographed !

• RON HOWINGTON – From The Cradle to the Grave cd [2002], and Michigan Winter cd [2006], both Autographed !<

• HOWLING DIABLOS – Howling Diablos Live cd Autographed by the band, plus Green Bottle cd.

• HALLOWEEN – Don't Metal With Evil cd.

• IN GOD'S IMAGE – 'Jesus' The Name cd Autographed.

• The INFATUATIONS – January Sessions EP/CD [2009], five songs.

• NITA JA'SON (Nita Jason) - Lovin' cd.

• JILL JACK – Moon and the Morning After cd [2005].

• JACKIE BLUE – Complexification Part II cd.

• WALLY JACKSON – All Men 'R' Dogs bootleg cd.

• BRIAN D'ARCY JAMES – From Christmas Eve To Christmas Morn cd.

• KALEIDO (featuring Christina Chriss) – Kaleido EP mp3.

• LEMON JAMES – Livin In The Sun and I Am A Voodoo Child cds, both Autographed !

• J-Me! (JAIME) – The Girl Next Door cd [2004].

• JENIUS (a studio musician from Ann Arbor) – Best of... So Far cd [2005].

• K-WILD – Paris Project cd [2006].

• KALEIDO featuring Christina Chriss – Kaleido 7 song EP mp3 [2013].
    related: Up All Night mp3 single by Detroit Muscle feat Christina Chriss.

• CHARLENE KAYE – Things I Will Need In The Past cd [2008].

• LUTHER BADMAN KEITH – Thunder in my Blues cd [2003].

• KID ROCK – Born Free (mp3 album), Devil Without A Cause, Rock N Roll Jesus, The History of Rock, Cocky Live Trucker, Kid Rock cds.

• KIELBASA KINGS – Fresh & Smoked cd [2001], and The Missing Link cd [2003].

• KILLIN MACHINE – Killin Machine [2004] EP cd Autographed !

• BIG DADDY LACKOWSKI – Polish Wedding Album cd.
BIG DADDY LACKOWSKI and The La Dee Das – Generations of Music cd.

• LARADOS (The Reflections) - The Lost Tapes (1957 - Present) cd.

• LIZ LARIN – The Story of O-Miz cd [2002], and Merry Wicked cd [2001], both Autographed !

• LEANDER – The Best Of Leander, Vol. 1 cd.

• TEMPE LEE – Burden Of Love cd Autographed !

• BOBBY LEWIS and THE CRACKERJACK BAND – 6 song promo cd, featuring music from July 1977.

• LOST DOG – Unleashed cd.

• CRYSTAL LYNN – It's More Fun To Be A Girl cd [2005].

• MADWIRE – Madwire EP (5 song cd).

• SANDRA MANDELLA – One Breath Closer cd [1994].

• MISTY BLUES – Enjoy Yourself cd Autographed ! by the band.

• MUDPUPPY – White Bread and Hot Sauce cd Autographed by the band, and Mudpuppy cd.

• MYSTIK – This Is Only A Test EP cd [2002, four songs] Autographed by the band.

• NADIR – Distorted Soul 2.0 cd [2004].

• NATIONAL GHOST - National Ghost cd [2008].

• KAREN NEWMAN - What Christmas means to me cd.

• ROBERT NOLL BLUES MISSION - Happy Bluesday cd.

• LARRY NOZERO and LARRY NOZERO QUINTET – Street of Dreams and four for three cds.

• NOVADA – These White Lies Die With Us cd [2006].

• OBSCURED – Ain't Like It Seems ... cd [2005].

• PASSAGE – Demo CD (promotional - not available to the public).

• STACIA PETRIE – Ruby Blues cd [2007], and Torch Song Flame cd [2003], Both Autographed !

• POTION BLUE – Potion Blue cd Autographed by the band.

• MICHAEL QUEST – 24-7-365 cd.

• ROADHOG BAND – promo cd.

• ROBB ROY – Happy and Heroes and Cocktails cds.

• RODE'O DRIVE – Live Drive cd Autographed by Robert Bruce.

• BILLY ROSE – We Live in a World cd.

• The RUINERS – More Tongue, Less Lip cd [2006].

• PAT SAVAGE BAND – Wild World cd Autographed by Pat Savage.

• The SAX MANIACS – Real Crazy Cool, Real Downtown Deal, Burnin' and Totally Live cds

• GREGORY SCOTT - Dreams and Reality cd Autographed !

• SEDUCE - Too Much, Ain't Enough cd.

• BOB SEGER (Bob Seger System, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band) – 17 CD Albums! Ramblin' Gamblin' Man cd, Mongrel cd, Seven cd, Smokin' O.P.'s cd, Face the Promise, Greatest Hits, "Greatest Hits 2", "Live Bullet", "Nine Tonight", "Beautiful Loser", "Against The Wind", "Stranger In Town", "Night Moves", "The Distance", "Like A Rock", "The Fire Inside", "It's A Mystery" cds. Plus more in compilations and on vinyl listed lower on this page.

• LEON SEITER - In The Shadows of a Honky Tonk cd [2004].

• SHARKY AND THE HABIT – Sharky and the Habit cd [2009].

• SHOVELBYRDS - ...blame it on the jack cd [2008].

• SISTER ELSEWHERE – A Shadow of Peace cd.

• SMOKIN' 45s – Anywhere But Here ... cd.

• SPONGE – Rotting Pinata and Wax Ecstatic cds.

• THE ALLIGATORS – Down At Big Kadie's cd [2010], Twenty To Life cd [2005], Ain't Nothin' But Love cd [2001], Take The Bait cd [1999].

• THE GENTLEMEN MUTINEERS (tGM) – Detroit Throttle mp3 song

• The STARLIGHT DRIFTERS – Thirteen To Go cd.

• CHARLIE TAYLOR - The Best Of Charlie Taylor: Irish Selections, Celtic Humor with Charlie Taylor, Charlie Taylor at McCarty's Party cds.

• TELECOLLISION – "Bubbles" 2011 cd

• THE TROUBLED ONES (TTO) – The Shorty cd [2009]

• HAROLD THOMAS - "Love Is All We Need" cd single.

• PATRICK THOMAS - "Ghost Town Radio" [2004] cd.

• TRACY KASH THOMAS (also The Tracy Kash Band) - Some Strong Potion cd [2000], and There And Back Again cd [2006].

• JOHNNY TRUDELL – But Beautiful cd.

• UNCLE KRACKER – Double Wide cd, plus individual mp3 songs such as Smile, Good To Be Me, ...

• V MILES OUT featuring Pat Moore - promo cd [2006], three songs.

• franki veneé [franki venee] – you gotta love me cd, Autographed !

• VIEW - View cd [2005] Autographed !

• RANDY VOLIN and The Sonic Blues – Used Guitars cd Autographed by Randy Volin.

• VON BONDIES (The Von Bondies) – Pawn Shoppe Heart cd.

• AMANDA WAGGENER – Favorite Kiss cd [2000] Autographed !, and her Demo Disc.

• JAMES WAILIN' – Rhythm Of Life cd.
• WAILIN INC. – Wailin (live) cd.

• THE WALKIN' TALKIN' TOXINS – Apocalypse Au-Go-Go cd [2005].

• JE'NE WEST [JéNe West] - Life's Long Dream cd [2004] Autographed !

• WOODWARD (Woodward the Band) – ... But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It cd [2007] Autographed by the whole band!

• YOUR GRACIOUS HOST – Your Gracious Host EP cd [2006], and Your Gracious Host Concentration EP cd [2007].

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• AMBOY DUKES: The Amboy Dukes cd, and Journey To The Center Of The Mind cd.


• GRAND FUNK RAILROAD: Live Album cd, Caught In The Act (live) cd, Phoenix cd [import], Closer To Home, E Pluribus Funk, We're An American Band, Capitol Collector Series, Greatest Hits.

• FROST: Rock and Roll Music cd, Through The Eyes Of Love cd, Frost Music cd.

• MC5: Kick Out The Jams and The Big Bang! Best Of The MC5 cds.

NOTE: Mike also has other big names “From Michigan” on legal CDs such as Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, The Romantics, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, Eminem, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Martha Reeves, Diana Ross & The Supremes, and many many more.

Music Slavin Madman Mike gives a Big THANK YOU to sooooooo many outstanding people for donating CDs!!!!

THANK YOU to The Troubled Ones for donating a CD in 2011. (60s 70s rock with modern flare)
THANK YOU to Grassland for donating a CD in 2011. (original hard-grooved rock)
THANK YOU to Stan Barnes for donating another CD, autographed! in 2011. (saxophone/smooth jazz)
THANK YOU to Category 5 for donating two CDs in 2011. (mainstream rock, covers & originals)
THANK YOU to Telecollision for donating a CD in 2011. (alternative indie rock)
THANK YOU to Luck Media (in California) for donating a Susan Calloway debut ep CD in February, 2010. (rock)
THANK YOU to Stan Barnes for donating a CD, autographed! in December 2009. (saxophone/smooth jazz)
THANK YOU to Tracy Kash Thomas for donating two of her CDs in 2009. (jazz/pop)
THANK YOU to The Infatuations for donating their CD in May, 2009. (dance/pop/rock/funk)
THANK YOU to The ShovelByrds for donating their CD in January, 2009. (retro-rock)
THANK YOU to Charlene Kaye for donating her CD, autographed! in November, 2008. (indie pop/easy listening)
THANK YOU to Detroit Music Alliance for donating a National Ghost debut CD in November, 2008. (rock)
THANK YOU to Free Will for donating an EP, autographed! in August, 2008. (high energy indie rock)
THANK YOU to Woodward for donating two of their CDs, one autographed! in July, 2008. (indie pop-rock)
THANK YOU to >K-Wild for donating two of their CDs in March, 2008. (metal/hard rock)
THANK YOU to Kim Longworth (of Deep River) for donating her CD in March, 2008. (folk)
THANK YOU to Novada for donating their CD in March, 2008. (modern rock)
THANK YOU to Ensemble Al-Asdeka for donating their CD in February, 2008. (arabic/fusion/jazz)
THANK YOU to Your Gracious Host (Tom Curless) for donating two CD EPs in January, 2008. (powerpop)
THANK YOU to Ron Gay for donating his CD, autographed! in January, 2008. (acoustic folk)
THANK YOU to Stacia Petrie for donating two CDs, both autographed! in November, 2007. (acoustic/blues/folk)
THANK YOU to Danny D (DannyD) for donating two CDs in August, 2007. (pop rock)
THANK YOU to Madwire for donating a CD in June, 2007. (hard rock)
THANK YOU to the Borough Brothers for donating two CDs, one autographed! in March, 2007. (country/blues/sixties/rock)
THANK YOU to The Ruiners for donating a CD in March, 2007. (modern power rock)
THANK YOU to Leander for donating a CD in March, 2007. (r&b/pop)
THANK YOU to Pat Moore and V Miles Out for donating a promo CD in February, 2007. (smooth jazz)
THANK YOU to Leon Seiter< for donating a CD and press kit in January, 2007. (old time country)
THANK YOU to Passage for donating their Demo CD in December, 2006. (classic rock)
THANK YOU to Ron Howington for donating two CDs, both autographed! in August, 2006. (southern/pop-rock/blues)
THANK YOU to The Walkin' Talkin' Toxins for donating their CD in March, 2006. (retro party punk)
THANK YOU to Obscured for donating their CD in February, 2006. (rock)
THANK YOU to Amanda Waggener for donating two CDs, one autographed! in January, 2006. (rock/blues/pop)
THANK YOU to View for donating two CDs, one autographed! in January, 2006. (rock)
THANK YOU to the Glass Sun for donating a CD in December, 2005. ('60s/'70s style jammin' rock)
THANK YOU to Charlene Helen Berry for donating TWO CDs in November, 2005. (dulcimer/Christian)
THANK YOU to In God's Image for donating a CD in November, 2005. (gospel/Christian)
THANK YOU to Crystal Lynn for donating a CD in October, 2005. (country)
THANK YOU to Jenius for donating TWO CDs in October, 2005. (novelty/observational/attitudal)
THANK YOU to Robert Bruc for donating a TWO CDs in June, 2005. (mainstream)
THANK YOU to Blue Rhythm Band for donating a pre-release CD single in June, 2005. (blues)
THANK YOU to The Sax Maniacs for donating a CD in March, 2005. (mainstream)
THANK YOU to Luther 'Badman' Keith for donating a CD in March, 2005. (blues/rock)
THANK YOU to Smokin' 45s for donating a CD in March, 2005. (blues/rock)
THANK YOU to Jackie Blue for donating a CD in February, 2005. (modern rock)
THANK YOU to Arlen for donating a CD in December, 2004. (Christmas)
THANK YOU to Charlie Taylor for donating TWO of his CDs in October, 2004. (Irish)
THANK YOU to Hooker for donating an autographed CD in August, 2004. (folk)
THANK YOU to Jamie for donating a CD and press kit in August, 2004. (hip-hop)
THANK YOU to JeNé West for donating an autographed CD in April, 2004. (country)
THANK YOU to Killin Machine for donating an autographed CD in April, 2004. (screamin' rock)

Compilation CDs in Mike's Collection

Detroit Music Awards 2005 cd featuring: 19 Wheels, Ray Street Park, Nadir, Critical Bill, Grievous Angel, Blind Shame, Natives Of The New Dawn, Paul Miles, Matthew Dear, Soot, Jill Jack, Buddha Fulla Rymez, Randolph, Amy Heard, Liliana Rokita.

Michigan Jazz Festival Volume I cd [2004] featuring: Larry Nozero, Jack Brokensha, Dennis and April Tini, George Benson, Tom Saunders, Matt Michaels, Chris Collins, Johnny Trudell - Mello John - M. Michaels

DETROIT SUPERSESSION cd [2003] recorded live at Memphis Smoke featuring: Thornetta Davis, Al Hill, Mudpuppy, Nikki James, Jim McCarty & Johnny B., Starlight Drifters, the brothers groove, George Bedard, SuperSession Band

DETROIT NOW cd [2000] featuring: The Volcanos, The Gutter Punx,, Fez, The Witches, Brilliant, Twistin' Tarantulas, The Ottomans, The Kicks, The Sights, PT's Revenge, Jelly's Pierced Tattoo

THE UNIVERSITY of MICHIGAN-DEARBORN DIVERSITY CD [2000] featuring: 47 Uma, Bedford Drive, Val Ventro & The Motor City V8, Landstrider, Sweetwater Journey, Pure Suspension, Tres Jazz, The Deadly Mistress Donna Lacey, LoLife, Mike Gillespie, SHARKUS, Charlotte Bailey Kristie, Flesh Gallery, Candra Clark-Young, Mark Christopher, N2 Submission, Anna Khijniak, Michael Bryce.

BULLFROG Bar and Grill: BEST OF cd [1998]



MICHIGAN MEMORIES Volume 1 cd [limited edition out-of-print oldie songs and radio jingles] featuring: Jamie Coe, Gino Washington, The Rationals, Richard & the Young Lions, Bob Seger & The Last Heard, Little Carl Carlton, The Wanted, The Dynamics, J.J. Barnes, Nathaniel Mayer / Fabulous Twilights, The Shy Guys, Tim Tam & The Turn-Ons, The Underdogs, The Capreez, The Precisions, The Scot Richard Case, ...

Christmas In Detroit 'Too'! cd [1994] featuring: Mitch Ryder and the Garfield Blues Band, DC Drive, Skeleton Crew, Anita Cochrane, The Johnny Trudell Band, The Detroit All Stars, Detroit Blues Band, Sun Messengers, Howling Diablos, Atanas, Michael Brock & B.A.U. II, Toni Booker, Clinton River Rd, Mitch Albom & Janine Sabino

Michigan Christmas Air cd [1998]

Collaborations CDs in Mike's collection

The DETROIT EXPERIMENT: 'DE The Detroit Experiment' cd [2003]

Special Issue CDs Exclusively Available in Michigan

Drew & Mike's 'Cliff Notes Theatre' [2004](explicit) Autographed ! - WRIF 101

Parodies For Charity: JJ & the Morning Crew - WCSX 94.7

Parodies For Charity II [1998]: JJ & the Morning Crew - WCSX 94.7

Parodies For Charity III [1999]: JJ & the Morning Crew - WCSX 94.7

Detroit Red Wings 1996 Playoffs - I Want Stanley cd single [arena & rap versions]

Detroit Red Wings 1997 Playoffs - Get Up [4 song cd]

Detroit Red Wings 1998 – We've Got The Cup, Still Got The Cup! [enhanced 7 track cd]

Detroit Red Wings 1999 Playoffs - Are You Ready, Hockeytown [4 song cd]

Vinyl Records and Hard-To-Find Local Music in Mike's Collection

• BENNY AND THE JETS: Benny and the Jets "Live" [LP](recorded 1982)

• BIG DADDY LACKOWSKI: Dance Little Bird/Clover By The Water [45]

• CRIME CONTROL: Black Widow/The Curling Song [45] Autographed!

• DICK THE BRUISER BAND: Meat The Bruiser Band vinyl lp (1984)
THE MORNING CREW WRIF 101: 96 Beers/Catch A Good High b/w The Wake-Up Song [45]

• TERRY KNIGHT and THE PACK: Terry Knight and The Pack vinyl lp, and Reflections vinyl lp

• The LOOK: You Can't Sit Down/Love Or Infatuation [45] Autographed!

• MASTER CHARGE: Rock & Roll Girl/Gloria [45]

• MEADOWS: Love Comes Easy/Up A Little Higher [45]

• BRUCE MICHAELS: Love After You (I Have My Doubts)/It's For Me [45], Good Lovin'/Slip Away [45]
No Easy Cool/Caught In The Web [45]

• TIM MURRAY: Thinking of You/Street People [45]

• STEVE NARDELLA: "It's All Rock & Roll" [LP](1979)

• The REFLECTIONS: (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet vinyl lp, You Don't Love Me/I need Your Love [45],
Rocket to the Moon/ Because of You [45], Shabby Little Hut/You're My Baby (And Don't You Forget It) [45]

• The ROCKETS: "Rockets", "Rocket Roll", "No Ballads" [LPs]

• MITCH RYDER / DETROIT With MITCH RYDER: "Never Kick a Sleeping Dog", "Get Out The Vote" [LPs]

• BOB SEGER: Back In '72 vinyl lp, Noah vinyl lp, Brand New Morning vinyl lp, and several OOP 45s

• SALEM WITCHCRAFT:: Sandman/Keep On Rollin' [45]

• STONE COUNTRY BAND: Halfway to Nashville/Hardtimes [45], Truck Drivin' Man/Losers [45](both 1982)

• The SUSPECTS: If You Still Want Me/Move Up A Little Bit Higher [45]

• THREAT: Runaway/Insane [45]