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Hip Hop in Michigan

Artists are listed first, followed by General Info and resources, more. Click names of artists and other links to vist their websites.

NOTE: F is Facebook page, RN is ReverbNation, T is Twitter

Hip-Hop Rap Artists

ACE (Ace Wilcox) – rapper & social icon from metro Detroit.  facebook YT

Artfull Dodgers – two veteran MCs and a DJ, hip hop artists from Flint, MI.  F  T

Aye Hawk – hip-hop rap artist from Ypsilanti, MI.  facebook

Bizarre (Bizarre of D12) – rapper from Detroit.  facebook

Danny Brown – progressive rap artist from Detroit.  F

Cadillak D – hip hop artist from Detroit.  SC

CalDoJa – rapper, performer, recording artist from Detroit.  F  T

Coinz – rap artist from Flint, MI. T

Critical Bill – rap-rock band.

D12 – hip hop group from Detroit. link is to official website.

Damien Christian – hip hop/freestyle artist from Detroit area.

Dave Doe – hip-hop artist based in Detroit.  F

Dux Jones (pronounced Dukes) – rapper from Detroit.

Eddie Leww – dj, hip-hop artist from Detroit.  F

Eminem – official website.

General Population and Khary WAE Frazier – modern cultural hip-hop band from Detroit.

GlossyEyed Looney – hip-hop/rap artist from metro Detroit.

Hush – hip hop group from Detroit, MI. F

Insane Clown Posse (ICP) – official website

Greg Joslin – hip hop artist from Flint.

Rod B Gutta – hip hop and mixtape artist from Detroit.

Jus Hustle – hip hop artist and producer from Flint.

Lazy Genius – live-instrument hip-hop group from metro Detroit.

LoVision – hip hop artist from metro Detroit.  facebook

L.S.D and Roland Dre'The Hip Hop/Rap Warriors from Detroit.

Ian Lynch (Lynch Mob.) – young rap/hip hop artist from Oscoda, MI. F

Krimminall Tha Dohn – rapper, hip hop artist from Flint, MI.

Magnanomus (Magnanomus & The Motor City Affiliates) – outlaw hip-hop from metro Detroit. F

M.E.D. – Mental Elastic Dynasty – hip-hop/rap group from Kalamazoo, MI.  facebook

Mark Milez – hip hop artist from Detroit, formerly known as Profit.  F  RN

Mista Woosaa (Young 'Ru) – rap/hip-hop artist from Kalamazoo.

NGC (Young Slapz & M.Dizz) – Rap Duo out of Detroit, headed to East Lansing.

Omega of Oakland County – rapper/producer from Pontiac, MI.  UGH

Paradime – rapper & hip hop dj from Detroit (aka Kid Rock's DJ).  F  YT

Tone Perignon (Pérignon) – hip hop artist from Detroit.  F

Redburn – hip-hop/rock band from Saginaw, MI.  F

Renigade – Underground Artist, Rap/Hip-Hop/Hardcore/Horrorcore.

Ribcage – hip-hop/rock band from Lansing, MI.  F

Ro Spit – hip hop artist from Pontiac, MI (metro Detroit).  F

Royce 5'9 – rapper/producer from Detroit.  F   T

R.u.c.k.i.s.s – hip hop artist from Ecorse, MI.  F

Sample the Martian – multi-dimensional hip-hop artist from metro Detroit.

Seven the General – Emcee hip-hop/rap artist from Detroit.  facebook  T

Blake Selby (and Northern Hype) – hip hop/rap artist and independent record label from Lansing, MI. F

Sheefy. (Sheefy McFly) – hip hop artist/producer from Detroit. F

Sketch Artist – free-styling street rapper from metro Detroit. F

Skigh High Entertainment – NGC, G.Wood, Lyricz, D.Rice, La'Dell Germaine, Indefinite & Juice.

Skwynts Dawg – A Michigan rapper who just wants to be heard.

Spud the MC (Jeff Spud Smith) – from Flat Rock. Hip Hop/ Rap/ upcoming new wave sound.

Stereo Boyz – hip-hop rap duo from Detroit, Mic Audio and Mixo.  F

Tez-J – R&B soulful vibe rapper from metro Detroit. F

The Convictor – holy rapper and gospel artist from Detroit.

The Prime Eights – five piece hip hop band from Detroit.  F RN

The Real Natural Disasters – rap/hip-hop group based in Detroit.

Trick Trick – rap artist from Detroit area.  twitter

two8 FAM (2 8 FAM | 28Fam) – hip-hop group from northern Metro Detroit.

Woodz (King Woodz) – hip hop rapper from Detroit. RN

Young Tocco (Matt Tocco) – hip hop artist from Detroit area.  facebook

Yung Khan – Hip Hop Artist with his own unique sound, out of Southfield, MI (metro Detroit).

Local Hip-Hop Rap Info

Detroit Underground Hip Hop Awards is January 8, 2017.

Mad Decent Block Party Detroit – annual electronic and hip hop music event in Metro Detroit.   facebook

Hear It Nation – Detroit focused social entertainment network to help independent rappers, musicians, bands succeed.

Mac Money – CEO and co-founder of Taking in Money Entertainment (TIME DETROIT) in Detroit area.  facebook

Jon Connor – hip hop artist from Flint, MI, now based in California.  facebook

DPD Studios – Digital Productions Detroit is a fully integrated music studio in Detroit. Hip Hop is our specialty.

Shady Records – Eminem's rap/hip-hop record label. has artists info, news, music, videos, more.

Hip Hop Websites


SM - My Motor City Music – hip hop music and videos from mostly unsigned local artists. – news, forums, etc.

National – hip hop rap news, rumors, music, video, features, community, more.

HipHop DX – hip hop rap news, audio, videos, new music, release dates, features, more.

Hot New Hip Hop – new hip hop songs, mixtapes, mixtapes, videos, news. – new hiphop music daily. latest tracks, album releases, mp3 downloads.

Underground Hustlin' Artist Services (U.G.H., UGH) – a launch pad for up-and-coming underground artists. Provides graphic design, manufacturing, music production, and pairs up-and-coming artists with nationally recognized acts to increase the visibility of new artists within the established act's demographic.