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Mike's Frequently Asked Questions

January 2017 Update on Mike's DJ Service

Now a part-time DJ after 35 years being a professional full-time Mobile DJ. Still a great DJ, upper middle-aged, still owns his professional DJ equipment, music collection stays up-to-date. But no longer has back-up DJs nor DJ Liability insurance.

I am getting out of the wedding DJ business, will rarely DJ a wedding in the future. I was a top Professional Wedding DJ in Southeast Michigan for 30 of my 35 years being a full-time Mobile DJ.

I'm getting away from the intense responsibilities of being one of the top Wedding DJs. It's not just playing music, there is so much more involved, especially the extra I did. I've done it for 30 years, time to pass the wedding torch to other DJs, let them work their butts off.

Your Name... Madman Mike?
Don't forget to add Your Musical Slave! Can't say one without the other. Got known as The Madman because I go above and beyond of what is expected, and it also reflects my passion for the world of music and entertainment.

Q Do you offer karaoke?
No. If you need a karaoke service, click → Karaoke Services Michigan

Q I have never booked a DJ before. I'm not sure what to do or ask. Can you help me?
Yes! For REAL INFO you should know, click → How To Choose Book A DJ

Q phone number?
landline office phone, no texting: 248-355-0863. leave a brief message. For me to call back, say reason for call, state your name & phone number twice (especially if calling from a cell phone).

Number isn't elsewhere on my site because years ago most calls were endless solicitations and internet surfing crank calls. They kept filling up message recording time, people couldn't leave importatnt messages.

Q Do you have DJ Liability Insurance?
No. Had it and renewed it yearly up to September 2016. But now that I'm a part-time DJ, don't need it.

Q Can you name banquet centers halls you worked in as a DJ?
Yes. Look for (DJ'd there!) on → Metro Detroit Banquet Centers Venues

Q Can I watch you work as a DJ at a wedding, party or other event?
Only at events where the public is invited. To see if any are scheduled, go to my → DJ Schedule and Availability Page

Q Why can't I watch you work at a private event?
Because it would be improper to have uninvited strangers (observers) at private affairs. People who hire me expect me to work for them, respect them, their events and their privacy - not use their private moments as public auditions. How many uninvited strangers would you want me to bring to your private event? I believe that your event is yours and only the people who you invite should be there. It's that simple. I'm sure that you would expect that same consideration from any DJ you might hire.

Note: many DJ services DO invite observers to their customer's private events. To learn how to protect yourself → click here

Q Why should I hire you?
Because I am very good at what I do.

Q If another DJ service charges more, are they better than you?
A few are better but most are not. Depends on the DJ, type of event, and if additional personnel and equipment are required for a specific event. For examples, click → compare

Q Why can't I just automatically book you through an online system?
Because I don't automatically accept every booking offer. Each potential booking is first checked to make sure my DJ service is right for them.

Q Social Media... Are You On Any?
I'm on Facebook, click → Madman Mike Facebook

Q about your website...
questions/answers are at bottom of this page. scroll down or click here

Q Do you DJ at School Dances and Proms?
Q Do you DJ at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs?
Q Do you DJ for Childrens Parties?
No. I no longer DJ at events for teens, pre-teen and children. I primarily DJ for special events, and all ages parties and events.

Q How about a demo video, DVD or CD? Can I get one from you?
No. Maybe in the future. For most single DJs with low rates like myself, the cost is prohibitive. As a tool, demos are alright but don't exclusively rely upon them. Don't forget that DJs, equipment, looks, voices, etc. could change at any time. If watching one, ask how current and accurate it is, ask if the DJ that would be assigned to your event is on the video.

Q What type of promotional material do you have?
This no hidden information website IS my promotional material. Glossy brochures look nice but have little information. Ditto for slick promo videos. This website supplies full, accurate, up-to-date information that is not possible through other limited formats. Even my prices are posted! Try to find that important info in promotional materials given to you by other DJs.

Q Do you have promotional material you could mail or fax to me?
No. See paragraph immediately above. If you need information in your hand, I've made it possible for you to easily print pages from my website. Go to a page, in your browser click Print. Simple.

Q Do you accept personal checks?

Q Why no special offers or discounts like some other DJ Services?
My DJ prices are already discounted! Plus when you book my service, you are booking me. Some DJ services offering discounts are trying to drum up business for all the DJs working for them. The owner and/or top DJ work on volume, not price because they get a cut of every booking they drum up for DJs under their wing. This is known as quoting the highest rate for the top DJ within a company then giving special offers to find more business for their less experienced DJs. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you are considering a special offer from a multiple DJ service, ask if that applies to their top DJ. When you book me, you are hiring a top DJ.

Q Why do you charge a Flat Rate?
Q Why would a 4 hour job cost the same as 6 hours or 8 hours?
Flat Rate means one price, no hidden costs, any amount of time, everything DJ included.

For a mobile DJ, a 4 hour job is at least a 10+ hours job. On-The-Job time or Playing Time is short compared to total time worked. For 4 hours On-The-Job, add behind-the-scenes time which makes for a full day of work. Also add preparation time BEFORE day of event.

To avoid overlapping bookings or being double-booked, and allowing for last-minute potential scheduled time changes, I book only one job per day, regardless of time involved.

For every event, I get paid for my day being exclusive to you and not being available to anyone else. What if your scheduled times should change? I can arrive earlier or stay later or do both, no extra charge.

Consider that even a small amount of time would tie me up for an entire day. Due to the time needed after any event to tear-down DJ equipment & reload van then drive to another place then unload van and set-up again, it is extremely rare there is enough time to guarantee being on time to DJ another event or work more DJ hours.

The BIG bonus of a Flat Rate – you never have to guess the final cost of your DJ. No Hidden Costs, No Extra Charges, just One Total Price. no unfortunate surprises.

People aren't aware that being your DJ and doing it right actually requires a lot more time than what is called on-the-job. Consider...

Time to load DJ equipment into a van, drive to an event, unload and set-up, be completely ready including doing a sound check BEFORE On-The-Job starts.

And... did you know that some venues require entertainment to add at least another hour of time to be completely set-up one hour before your event starts or YOU pay an extra fee?

Then you need to take into account before the day of time such as making time available for meetings, going over details through e-mails or by phone, time to interview, time to sign a contract especially if I drive to meet somewhere, and other incidental time and costs. Some events require well over 20 hours of behind-the-scenes time before day of event when including meetings, details preparation, music prep, etc.

Then add the time and cost of a dependable assistant/roadie. Keep in mind that my equipment is not just a laptop and two small speakers. I use a Full Commercial DJ System and have additional back-up equipment with me at your event.

Then AFTER On-The-Job, the amount of time to tear-down & reload the van, drive back and unload equipment.

And... for professionals like myself, time to do 'paperwork' and post-event time. Now add the time and cost of buying music, buying and maintaining professional DJ equipment, owning and maintaining a vehicle capable of transporting commercial DJ equipment, cost of DJ Liability insurance, etc., all of which goes into my flat rate.

Yes, all of the above adds up to a lot of time and cost. And you are worth it!

Q How come you don't charge more?
You're not paying big money to Radio names who generally send one of their subordinate DJs to do the actual DJ work. I don't have expensive demos nor the cost of a commercial office. I'm not paying referral fees and commissions to other people, not paying someone big bucks to answer a phone and solicit you.

Q When DJ'ing, do you use a Laptop, SmartPhone, Tablet, or Turntables?
Laptop. Actually TWO laptops, both hooked up and ready at all times.

Q Do you still use CDs?
Yes. Though I use two laptops, a Dual CD Player is also hooked up and ready at all times. That means... no pauses between songs, no dead air, no re-booting down time. If a laptop should ever have a problem, I can quickly switch to the other laptop or cds. That's lots of instant music playing back-up at your event, more than most DJs offer you.

I've been in the Mobile DJ Business over 30 years, starting out in the vinyl and cassette era. That's before CDs, the internet, and MP3s existed. Being a professional, my music and equipment stay up-to-date throughout all these and future changes.

Q Can we meet in person when just considering booking you?

Q Do we have to meet in person for me to book you?

Q Can we meet in person to go over final details for our event?

Q Do you keep my information private?  Have a privacy policy?
Yes and Yes. To see my privacy policy → click here

Q If I hire you, will you really play what I want even if my guests might not like it?
Yes. I answer to the people who pay me and they get what they want.

Q If I leave the choice of music up to you, can you satisfy my guests?

Q I want someone to just play music – no talk. Will you do this?

Q If I want to bring some of my own CDs for you to play, will you play them?
Yes. (assuming children won't hear swearing, hate, killing or sex acts)

Q How much music can I choose and pick out?
As much as you want (enough to last the entire event).

Q Many DJs won't allow us large song lists. Why do you?
Because YOU are the one paying to hear music. I get paid to have it and play it. I believe in the famous adage: Whoever pays the fiddler calls the tune.

Sometimes people who are paying for the DJ will request music that is non-danceable or a mood killer which then reflects negatively on the DJ. Some DJs use each event as a public audition for future work and prefer to always look good in hopes of getting more jobs. These DJs are trying to impress your guests and potential future customers. I want you to be impressed.

Q Have you ever worked as a DJ with bands?
Yes. Many times. Bands like working with me because I never try to upstage them.

Q Are you on the radio?  Have you ever been a Radio DJ?

Q How do you accept payments?
Checks, cash, plus credit cards through PayPal. See → payments page

Q What if I'm not satisfied with your DJ service?
Unthinkable! Actually, it's possible some money might be refunded depending upon the circumstances and how much it actually cost (upfront expenses) to perform. If it was obvious my service was bad, all money would be refunded along with a personal apology.

Q Where Are You Located?
In the center of Metro Detroit (City of Southfield), Michigan USA.

Q Why so much information about other entertainers? Why not just plug yourself?
Because I'm Your Musical Slave! And, if I am unavailable or not the right person for an event someone will still need a DJ or other entertainer. I realize the importance of each event and how hard it is to find quality resources for entertainment. There are many good entertainers, the problem is finding them.

Turns out that my own website is incredibly helpful in doing that. Since I'm well-known in Michigan, freely sharing my huge list of resources to help anybody in need of – or looking for – local entertainment is something I take immense pride in doing.

Q Hey Mike, do you enjoy what you do?
YES. Immensely, Absolutely, Completely.
People and Music – Together at the Same Time – Love it.

   Frequently Asked Questions about this website ...

Q Can I use my BACK button anywhere/anytime on your website?
Yes. If you click to another part of my website or even to another part of the same page, clicking your back button will return you to the spot that you were viewing.

Q How do I let you know about a Bad or Broken Link on your site?
Q How do I tell you a link on your site redirects to wrong website?
Q How do I tell you a link goes to a website that no longer exists?

Send info in an e-mail. use → Report a Bad Link – tell me me which page, which link, what is wrong. I will fix it or remove it.

Q Can I add my link to your site?
Not directly. I check each site first, some get added, some don't.
   See if there's an Add Link on page you want.

Q Sometimes my Pop-Up blocker kicks in when clicking links. Why?
Most links to other websites open in new windows. Therefore, some pop-up blockers need to be set to "allow" for No need for concern. On my website, there are no advertising pop-ups/unders and you will never "get stuck" on my site.

Q I clicked on a link but nothing happened. What's wrong?
A minor mistake in the link html code, a quick easy fix.
    tell me which page and which link → Report a Bad Link

Q Wha'ts the PR (Page Rank) of your site?
Home page bounces between PR3 and PR4, depending on each new Google algorithm. Many inside pages such as Michigan Bands Musicians, Michigan DJs, Music Events, Recording Studios, other DJs links page, DJ Resources, etc., generally bounce between PR2 and PR3.