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Electronic Music in Detroit and Michigan

Based in Michigan Electronic Music Artists and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJs Producers Performers and Entertainment. Techno, house, dubstep, electro-pop, mood, Electronic Music Festivals and more.

Click Names, website urls, Facebook (F), SoundCloud (SC), and other links to visit their websites.

Electronic Music Artists DJs Producers in Michigan

Carl Craig – electronic music artist/dj and producer from Detroit.  facebook  tw

Derrick May – real techno artist/dj and producer from Detroit.  facebook

Kevin Saunderson – electronic music artist/dj and producer from Detroit.  facebook

Detroit Muscle – electronic music remixes, based in Detroit. DM does official commissioned electro house remixes of national artists and local.  SC

I SATELLITE – retro futurist electronic pop music using vintage analog synths and drum machines for all sounds and textures, based in Portage, MI. F

Shigeto (Zach Saginaw) – electronic music artist from Ann Arbor, MI.  facebook   SC

Lt.baDelectrodelic boombox funk duo from Detroit. F

Dabrye (Tadd Mullinix) – electronic music artist from Ann Arbor, MI.

Tunde Olaniran – electronic artist from Flint, MI. F

Formantix – dubstep producer/DJ from Detroit area.  facebook   SC   tw

Parts – female electronic duo from Grand Rapids, MI.  facebook  SC

Electronic Music Festivals in Michigan

Movement – annual 3-days Electronic Music Festival in Detroit on Memorial Day Weekend features international and local live performances on multiple stages.   facebook

Charivari Detroit – Electronic Dance Music Festival in Detroit on August 4-6, 2017 at West Riverfront Park, presenting the greatest assembly of Detroit based electronic dance music artists.“

Night Nation Run - Detroit World's first Running Music Festival – September 16, 2017 at Hazel Park Raceway in Hazel Park, MI (just north of Detroit). “Run, walk, skip or dance, a musical voyage filled with live music, lights, lasers, and celebration for the lover of Electronic Dance Music.” EDM DJ's, guest celebrity performers, all ages.

Bonus Info

Michigan Electronic Dance Music Association (MEDMA) – U of M “student group of music fans, musicians, producers, and DJs focused on spreading the awareness and appreciation of electronic music on campus as well as in Ann Arbor, MI.”  facebook

EDM Detroit – info about electronic dance music in Metro Detroit.  facebook